Goodbye Istanbul

Goodbye Istanbul pic

After a wonderful, adventure filled year, I left Istanbul a few months ago to continue my global travels. But I leave this blog up as a tribute to a beautiful place; a city I will always remember, for many different reasons.

This is the last thing I wrote about Istanbul before I moved away from Turkey. I started writing it as a note on my iphone one day while travelling to work, but never finished it before leaving the city. It was originally intended to be a part of a larger piece called ‘Sounds of the City’, in which I would document and reflect on the magnificent plethora of uniquely weird and wonderful sounds Istanbul produces in a day. So, when discovering the notes today, I was moved to share it in the abstract format of a sort-of-poem, un-edited, as my final SOUP post:


The Call

I will always remember

Waking up at 5am to the chilling discord of that multi-chorus sound.

‘The Call To Prayer’

Echoing over the city;

Her medley of overlapping frenetic notes,

Clanging and colliding, whaling and whining

As she swells-up above the burnt-red rooftops of this epic city.

Her sweet, cold melody sends a chill down every spine

As it bounced off buildings, and,

Eventually finds its way into my quiet bedroom.

Through the cracks in the walls and the rotting window pane

She whispers.

The magic of those haunting notes penetrates something deep within me.

The babel of sounds continues to rush through my veins

Hours after the singer has set his microphone down.

I think of him. The lonely singer,

Who sits within his tall ivory tower, alone, always.

To this day, the almost demonic melody of ‘The Call’ has not left my body;

It continues to resonate through the fleshy fibre-optics of my being,

Growing in intensity each time I imagine those rumbling noted

Rising up over my Istanbul, once more.

My nerve-endings and muscles still remember

Each hypnotic vibration of that harrowing song,

As though it were permanently intermixed with the constant and familiar pounding of my own heart beat.

And so it was.

And so it will always be.



Thank you for reading and following the SOUP blog and please feel free to take a look at the many archived posts to be found here on my year in Istanbul. Happy reading, goodbye and good travelling everyone! 🙂

Peace x


One comment

  1. Madelaine Bowman · October 30, 2015

    Beautiful x x x


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