Best Grub in Beyoğlu!

I recently stumbled across this great little restaurant in Beyoğlu, near Şişhane Metro, called Asmalımescit dürümcüsü. Stopping off here for some tasty nibbles on my way home from work is an absolute pleasure. The food is superb, the people are friendly, the location is quaint and frequented by the cutest gang of alley cats, who sit at your feet while you eat, hoping for scraps. Fortunately for them, the portions are so large at Asmalımescit dürümcüsü that they never go without. Not only does this place make absolutely gorgeous çorba (soup), it also serves, without doubt, the best dürüm I’ve ever eaten in Istanbul! There is a wide variety of meet and veggie options on the menu, but every time I visit I order the same delicious things…

Asmalımescit dürümcüsü restaurant

Asmalımescit dürümcüsü restaurant

For starters, of course I always go for the yummy çorba. (I love the Turkish tradition of serving soup before every meal and one of the best things about moving here is that I get to eat soup everyday!) This lentil çorba is smooth and creamy, with a dash of chilli oil on top. Perfect!


Next, the super lovely staff bring a meze (on the house) of homemade aubergine, garlic and chilli dips, with hand cut, fried crackers that will blow your mind!


And finally, Asmalımescit dürümcüsü’s masterpiece… the cop sisi durum, stuffed with tender lamp meat and a thick aubergine puree! This durum is more expensive than the average 8tl durum on the street, at 18tl a piece, but each juicy mouthful makes it worth every penny!


Completed by a silver goblet of Ayran to wash it all down…

durum lot

Yum! 🙂


*Happy SOUP Sunday


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